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One Card Short of a Full Deck

I invited my friends over to play poker. Before we started, we had been talking about my most recent language gaffe, in which I inadvertently made a stupid comment on a call in radio program.

While we were talking thus, I pulled the playing cards out of the box and counted them just to be sure they all were there. When I saw that we were missing one, I exclaimed: “I’m one card short of a full deck.”

Snorting with delight, one of my friends replied, “You’ve got that right!”

I wasn’t sure why he thought that was funny.

My bad!

On May 9, 2010, USA Today reported on the publicity stunt of a conservative Christian law firm that has created a deck of playing cards, 51 of which have the faces of liberal politicians on them and one of which has a question mark to represent an “unkown liberal”. The purpose of the cards is to give conservative Christians ideas of who they can pray for. A spokesman for the law firm said they purposefully made the picture cards “one card short of a full deck.”

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