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It’s Just a Typo!

My lawyer, Cheryl Darrow, was helping me to negotiate an important contract.  When I saw the draft she had given to my opponent, I noticed that she inadvertently had given away all of my rights by mistakenly writing in someone else’s name instead of mine.

I pointed this out to Cheryl and she said she would fix it.  However, the next draft contract still had someone else’s name.  Frustrated with this, I sent Cheryl a red lined version of the contract with the name correction, but the third draft she sent to my opponent still had the name of an unknown third party.

So I sent Cheryl an email addressing this, to which she sent an explosive reply:  “Why are you so upset about a little typo!”

I use Cheryl Darrow’s services because she is cheap.

My Bad!

The names have been changed in this true story to protect the imprudent.

Such substantive error as the one discussed above is generally not considered a typo. Wikipedia has a good discussion of the meaning of the terms “Typo” and “Typographical Error”.

For a tool to intentionally generate typographical errors to be used in an Adwords campaign, click HERE.

For a discussion of the so-called “Wicked Bible” which, due to a word omission by the typesetter, included “Thou shalt commit adultery” as one of the Ten Commandments, click HERE.

“Cheryl Darrow” is a fictitious name for a fictitious person.

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