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Non-Dual Shaman Promotes Materialism

September 15th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some time ago, as I sat in on a discussion group with spiritually minded folk, someone mentioned that Rupert Spira urges his students to “Be Aware,” suggesting that such simple statement enables people to open up to a sense of themselves beyond the limits of the ego.

Unfortunately, I heard the statement to say, “be a ware” leading me to fall into a spiral of materialism from which I am still digging out.

My Bad!

Rupert Spira is one of many modern, “non-duality” spiritual teachers. Spira’s website states that “Experience is one seamless, unnameable, intimate whole. It is thought alone that divides this intimacy into an apparent multiplicity and diversity of objects and selves, thereby imagining a ‘me’ and a ‘not me’.” This Wikipedia article discusses the non-duality belief system.

Thesaurus.com advises that the word ware is a synonym for commodity, materials, merchandise, and stock, among other things.

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