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An Exercise in Fertility

I was talking to my companion about a mutual friend who is in a relationship that is spiraling toward a breakup. We both think he would be better off if he moved out of his girlfriend’s apartment, but he refuses to take any action to extricate himself from the situation.

During an email exchange with my companion in which we were discussing the suggestion that we visit our friend and help him remove his belongings from the apartment, my companion demurred, suggesting that doing so would be “feudal”.

What was my companion thinking, I wondered. Did he think that removing my friend’s belongings would feel too much like we were working for an overlord?


Another time, a co-worker suggested that it would be best not to take action because doing so would be an exercise in “fertility”. Heaven only knows what that person was thinking. When I asked her about it later, she exclaimed:

My Bad!


Google provides a number of sources that define the term feudal, which relates to the political system known as feudalism, and other sources that define the term futile, which relates to futility, the term my companion meant to use in his email.

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