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I Long to be a Rebel

He flew by me on the interstate, riding low on his black motorcycle, with his woman clutching him around the waist. I began to daydream about the life of a rebel outlaw, alone on the open road, carried away on his snarling Harley Davidson.

Later, I saw that same Biker refueling his bike at the BP. There he was in all his glory, bedecked in a leather jacket with the words “Harley Davidson” across his back. His bandanna was red and sweat-stained . . . with the words “Harley Davidson” woven into the pattern. And his gleaming belt buckle, so large and shiny . . . said “Harley Davidson.”

Ah, life on the open road, I thought, that guy must feel so free.

Then, as I was walking into the station, I saw a little girl walking towards me. She had on a cute pink T-shirt . . . with a picture of the Little Mermaid on it. Dangling from her ears were . . . Little Mermaid earrings. Slap, slap, slap went her flip-flops on the pavement, and when I looked, I saw that they had pictures on them – you guessed it, the Little Mermaid. I turned to watch her go and, as she walked past the biker, I noticed that she had on a backpack . . . emblazoned with a picture of the Little Mermaid.

I wondered, is she a rebel too?

My Bad!

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