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Take me to the E.R., Stat!

I heard an advertisement on the radio today for a new drug available to help people with a certain congenital illness. A young woman spoke about her experience of suffering from a sudden seizure brought on by the illness, which seizure, according to the ad, could have been prevented by the new drug.

“Fortunately,” said the ad, “the girl’s parents rushed her to the E.R. and saved her life.”

Rushed her to the E.R., I thought, does this girl live in L.A.? Did her parents have the presence of mind to rush her to a television studio? Is E.R. the girl’s favorite television program and being in the presence of the stars of that show snapped her out of the seizure?

Then I realized that the girl was trying to tell me that her parents took her to the hospital Emergency Room.

My bad!

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